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An older White woman holds a finger to her lips. Text reads: top secret.
Sneaky peek… Bluebird Sofa and Shady Diana
From All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (Vigilauntie Justice #2)A queen with a large blue wig done up in a 1940s style roughly shoved De Pfeffel aside. ‘All right. That’s enough from you, Mr Johnson.’ She twirled around so everyone could admire h...
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A paper spaceship against a background of pink construction paper. Text reads: top secret
Sneaky peek… A documentary
From Frozen Heck (Starship Teapot #4)‘What?’ Since leaving Earth, far too many of my contributions to conversations amounted to a single unhelpful syllable. Though, now that I thought about it, I may not have done much better on Earth.‘She.’ Henry pa...
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Shhh… top secret
Sneaky peek… Wild ideas
From All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (Vigilauntie Justice #2)Madge shook her head. ‘I don’t know. That man has some wild ideas in the bedroom.’Peggy bit back a chuckle as Baz was taken by a sudden coughing fit.Madge continued undaunted. ‘I don...
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Lego Sigourney Weaver fires a Lego gun at a Lego xenomorph
Content warnings are not censorship
CW: ChokingEvery so often, one of my many writers groups/forums on one social media platform or another blows up – usually because some unsuspecting person asks an innocent question about the existence of content warnings.And inevitably, authors find...
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