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About the authors … surprise!

Are you ready for the big reveal … the plot twist that’s going to rock your world? Okay, so here’s the thing. I write under two different pen names: one for sci-fi and one for crime fiction. It’s easier for marketing purposes to keep them separate. But I’m still just me – a sarcastic, loud-mouthed prick on a mission to destroy that old myth about Canadians being polite.

Si Clarke


Si (she/her) is a Canadian misanthrope who lives in Deptford, sarf ees London.

Elliott Hay


Elliott (two Ts and any pronouns) dreams of a world where nice little old ladies don’t have to <ahem> take matters into their own hands.

She shares her home with her partner and an assortment of waifs and strays. When not writing convoluted, inefficient stories, she spends her time telling financial services firms to behave more efficiently. When not doing either of those things, she can be found in the pub or shouting at people online — occasionally practising efficiency by doing both at once.

As someone who’s neurodivergent, an immigrant, and the proud owner of an invisible disability, she strives to present a realistically diverse array of characters in her stories.

She’s also a reader, mainly of science fiction and mysteries. Some of her favourite authors include: Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Becky Chambers, John Scalzi, Tanya Huff, Christopher Brookmyre, Robert J Sawyer, Charles Stross, Gareth Powell.

People we work with

black cat editorial services

Hannah McCall, proofreader extraordinaire, has brought her exceptionally keen eye to every single one of my novels to date.

Just Write Right

Nick Taylor is a copy-editor who specialises in queer works. He's worked on The Left Hand of Dog, Consider Pegasus, and most of my short stories.

Michelle Meade Reads

Michelle specialises in developmental editing, looking at the big picture and working with authors to draw out what works and revisit what doesn't. She's worked on Devon’s Island, Livid Skies, and Judgement Dave.

CKnight Writes

Charlie Knight is an editor who focuses on the indie author community. They offer end-to-end services at prices that are, quite frankly, ridiculous. They worked on Consider Pegasus.

Rebeca Covers

Rebeca makes the gorgeous artwork that graces the covers of Bright Futures, Dare vs the Doll, Jurassic Dark, and Consider Pegasus.

Kay Eluvian

Kay is the incredibly talented voice actor who has provided the narration for the Starship Teapot series.