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Starship Teapot paperbacks #1–3 (website exclusive)

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Find out why BookRiot included this series in their list of 10 Cozy Sci-Fi Books to Give You Hope for the Future.

Three silly tales of life in space.

Three great novels for one low price! This bundle is a must read for fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, and Discworld.

The Left Hand of Dog (Starship Teapot #1)

Intergalactic kidnappers! A chatty horse! Sentient glitter gas! And a dog!

When Lem and her dog retreat from the city for a few days, they don’t expect to wind up aboard the starship Teapot with adorable alien bounty hunters.

Judgement Dave (Starship Teapot #2)

This time, the universe puts the cat in catastrophe…

Stuck with a disaster-platypus of a project manager and a population seemingly determined to thwart their own rescue, the Teapotters face the impossible job of herding cats and evacuating the planet before it’s blown to smithereens.

Consider Pegasus (Starship Teapot #3)

A secret unicorn, a desperate family, and a cop dead-set on hunting them down.

Lem and the rag-tag gang of galactic adventurers on the starship Teapot are set to become roadies for the galaxy’s hottest band – but an urgent call from Bexley’s family means the rock stars will have to wait.

This paperback bundle is exclusive to my website, though the individual books are available everywhere.

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