Starship Teapot series

Silly alien adventure space opera with a talking dog –
 where Clarke’s third law rules supreme

Stardust Wake by SI CLARKE CLARKE – a very geeky short story

Stardust Wake

#0.5 (short story)

An autistic woman, her enby bestie, and a sci-fi convention.

The Left Hand of Dog by SI CLARKE

The Left Hand of Dog

#1 (novel)

Intergalactic kidnappers! A chatty horse! Sentient glitter gas! And a dog!

Judgement Dave by SI CLARKE

Judgement Dave

#2 (novel)

Putting the cat in CATastrophe.
Coming January 2022.

Meet Spock

She’s the star of the show in the Starship Teapot books. And she’s based on a real dog.