Past Imperfect 

White Hart series, #1.5

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Past Imperfect by SI CLARKE

Word count: 4,500
Page count: 36
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Isolated on Mars, anyone could start going stir crazy…

Katya should be on top of the world. She’s overcome a traumatic past and now she’s part of the first permanent settlement on Mars.

So why do things feel so wrong?

The colonists are confined to a small base on the surface of a hostile planet, so perhaps it’s only cabin fever. After all, she’s got great friends, an exciting career, and an ex-girlfriend who – she’s sure – would do anything to have her back…

But with cracks appearing in the relationships between the crew and nothing but empty Martian desert beyond the safety of their domes, it’s far too easy for the mind to drift. And when it does, it can be difficult to tell what’s real, and what’s pure imagination…

Past Imperfect is a short story set during Livid Skies, SI CLARKE’s forthcoming second novel. It’s written for people who enjoy science fiction that challenges their preconceptions.

This is a work of neurodiverse, culturally diverse, gender-bendy, socio-politico-economic, drunken-arguments-in-the-pub science fiction – not bang-bang-pew-pew science fiction. 

Real-world science
Silliness rating
Hopefulness rating

I cannot wait to read more of this author's books.

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File under: fully automated luxury gay space communism, hard science fiction, feminist sci-fi, quirky characters, misfit characters, Canadian, British, strong female characters, lesbian characters, asexual, autistic characters, found family, outsiders, London, near-future, impending disaster, queer fiction, Mars colony, fledgling colony, pandemic fiction, post-traumatic stress in fiction, fictional pubs

E-book ISBN 978-1-9162878-4-6