Top-secret freebies

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Stardust Wake

Starship Teapot and White Hart #0, short story

An autistic woman and her enby bestie attend a sci-fi convention

The Left Hand of Dog

Starship Teapot #1, first taste is free (5 chapters)

Intergalactic kidnappers! A chatty horse! Sentient glitter gas! And a dog!

Normal Life

Bonus material from The Left Hand of Dog

How can Lem ever hope to get a decent day’s work in?

Devon’s Island

White Hart #1, first taste is free (5 chapters)

Planning for the first permanent, self-sufficient colony on Mars

Past Imperfect

White Hart #1.5, short story

Isolated on Mars, anyone could start going stir crazy…

Dare vs the Doll

Standalone short story

Who expects a haunted doll to be such a nuisance?