Write to your MP: Homes for Ukraine

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I urge you to write to your MP and to the leader of any political party you may be a member of. The goal is to make this process simpler for Ukrainians and to expose all parties to less unnecessary risk.

Writing to your MP is easy. Find out who they are and how to get in touch here.

Here’s the email I wrote to my MP. Feel free to copy the text if you want or write your own message.


Hi [name of your MP],

I hope you’re well.

I’m writing today with an urgent issue that I hope you can raise an urgent issue with Home Secretary, Priti Patel, regarding the vulnerabilities inherent in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

I’m in the process of sponsoring a Ukrainian refugee to come to the UK through the new Homes for Ukraine scheme and the process is deeply flawed in ways that will almost guarantee people (both Brits and Ukrainians) will be taken advantage of.

The application process must be completed by one party, either the sponsor or the sponsee, but that one party must be in possession of copies of the ID of all participants. This scheme requires people to expose themselves to identity theft.

We’ve found an individual in occupied Kherson and we’re prepared to give him a room in our home for six months or more. But either he hands over all his ID documents to me, or my family and I send copies of our documents to him.

Additionally, the way the system is set up exposes vulnerable Ukrainians to become the victims of human traffickers resident in the UK.

Ninety countries around the world have waived the visa requirements for Ukrainians entirely*. Others have implemented simplified processes. Even splitting the current system into two sections (one for the sponsor to complete and one for the sponsee) would reduce the risk of harm.

Why have we implemented such a needlessly complex and abuse-conducive system? What is being done to amend it to protect people (both in the UK and abroad)?

Thank you. Kind regards,
[Your full name]
[Your full address including postcode – it’s important you include this part as they can only pick up your request if they confirm they do represent you]


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