A Doll, A Dog, And A Recommendation From Geordi La Forge

Starling growled playfully, daring me to take this new prized possession away. 'What is it?' I finally spotted it – a doll.

A haunted doll

Back in February, I found inspiration in a tweet. I banged out a short story in a weekend. Over the past few months, that story has been given the whole treatment: beta readers, copy-editing, a cover, ARCs. A few weeks ago, I sent it to the proofreader for a final polish.

Yes, it’s a haunted doll story. But not like one you’ve read before. As one early reviewer put it, ‘The doll is crude, rude and full of bad advice…’

Dare vs the Doll will go live to the world on the 17th of May. But you, dear reader, you can get it now. Absolutely free.

Dogs being dogs

In early April, I took my dogs to an off-leash play area in Cheshire. Lemmy had a grand time, zooming all around. Ozzy, on the other hand, didn’t have such a good time. All he wanted to do was stand in the corner and eat nettles. And we, being cruel humans, wouldn’t let him.

Book review: Victories Greater than Death

Levar Burton says: A wickedly funny voice that the world really needs right now.I usually try to shine a light on books published by indie authors or small presses or from new authors just starting out – but this one was so good, I had to tell you about it.

A teen with a supportive mum, a trans love interest, and a baddie who doesn’t just kill you … he taints people’s memories of you to make them hate the memory of you. What more could you want?

Tina’s just an ordinary teenager. Except she’s actually an alien disguised as a human to protect her until she’s ready. When Tina gets … erm …activated, her best friend Rachael recruits the best and brightest of Earth’s teens to join them in their mission to save the universe.

Have you read any good books lately? Hit reply if you think you’ve found one I might enjoy. Just like you, I love discovering new book-friends.

Psst! Want books?

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A carefully curated selection of pro-queer, disability-positive, multicultural, neurodiverse science fiction, fantasy, and horror

Masks by Amara LynnMasks

Avari has always been a social outcast, which is just fine by him; he has superhuman abilities and hates people. But his lab partner Chayton keeps being so friendly, and Avari can’t stop staring at his alluring smile.

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A World Fallen by Nicholas Lawrence CarterA World Fallen – FREE review copy

“Are you alone?” That’s always what they ask. Over and over again. “Are you alone?” usually followed by the false promise of “I can help you.”

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Unearthly Remains by Katherine GilbertUnearthly Remains

A werewolf, a witch, and a vampire walk into a murder scene . . .

Sgt. Marilyn Jaye of Supernatural Oversight (the investigative unit for all things which bump a bit too much in the night) is having a frustrating day.

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