A poorly dog, a talking dog, and a space dog

‘Hey,’ I said. ‘Don’t forget your brain, doofus.’ I squeaked the handmade plush human brain I’d picked up at a convention a year earlier and tossed it to Spock. She caught it in the air and ran ahead of me.

Two pretty puppers

Poorly pupperFirstly, this newsletter will be shorter than usual. This week, my attention is focused on Oz, my eight-year-old Anatolian shepherd. He’s got acute pancreatitis. He’s slowly getting better, but … well, I’m exhausted.

Secondly, I commissioned a drawing of the talking dog, Spock, in the novel I’m working on. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. What do you think?
Smily, happy German shepherd dog
Finally, Livid Skies launched (space pun fully intended) two weeks ago – and I’m delighted with the results so far. Check out this lovely review. You can buy it straight from me at a discount to the retail price or you can order it from your preferred retailer here.

Book review: Junkyard

The Imaginary Corpse by Tyler HayesMcCall is an autistic bounty hunter/investigator. She’s an expert in tracking down people who’ve eluded capture. Only … her new personal assistant, Scipio, has signed her up for a job tracking down 200 tons of missing maple syrup.

Part whodunnit and part science fiction. Think Asimov’s Caves of Steel with the (very welcome) addition of a 150-pound adorable failure of a guard dog.

If Goodreads allowed half stars, I’d take half a star off for failure to include a content warning that there would be reference to horrible animal cruelty. Go ahead and kill all the fictional people you want, but if you harm one hair on a dog’s head, I will never forgive you. If that precious dog had died, I’d have put the author straight onto my never-again list. I’m happy to report, she’s going on my favourites list instead.

Highly recommended. Get it now for free from your preferred retailer.

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Secrets on Wenshen

Secrets on Wenshen (Dewey Tyler, Orphan Corps Book 1) by Earl T. RoskeA distress call changes everything.

The ship Dewey’s platoon is on responds to the signal. They jump to another solar system A supposedly unoccupied system. There they find a smuggler’s ship. All its systems are failing. Fortunately, the Hospitallers have arrived in time.

But they are not alone.

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Alaska’s Vengeance – free copy

Alaska's Vengeance (Ardent Redux Universe) by J.L. Stowers The mission that changed everything.

It should have been a simple rescue mission, but when an enemy vessel packing heat and a major grudge intercepts the warship Alaska’s Vengeance it’s up to Captain Dani Devereaux and her crew to outsmart and outlast their ruthless adversary.

What they don’t know is that everthing is about to change.

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Stay safe out there! There’s a literal pandemic underway and it’s already killed more than two million people. There’s also a pandemic of fascism going on. Do what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

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