Excessive silliness, cover-ups, and free books

Excessive Silliness

In October, I got the edits back for Livid Skies. It’s got a cover now and the whole thing has been typeset. The proofreader is hard at work on the final version. But in the meantime, I’ve released almost-final ARCs into the wild. You can get one here if you’re interested.

With that done, it was time for me to move on to write book 3. I toyed with a few different ideas for the third in the same series, but none of them quite clicked. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed everything that’s going on in the world – but, erm, everything is on fire.

Eventually, I decided no – I can’t do this right now. I can’t write another serious novel about serious people dealing with serious problems. I just … can’t. And so I set out to work on an entirely new – and excessively silly book. Because, reader, I need this.

I’m working on a novel about an IT project manager in Toronto who gets kidnapped by bounty hunters from outer space. It’s a case of mistaken identity, incompetent baddies, and a talking dog named Spock. There’s also a horse who’s embarrassed by the fact she’s really a unicorn, a sarcastic robot who isn’t programmed to swear, and a universal translator that says [no frame of reference] a lot.

Honestly, I’ve no idea whether this book will ever see the light of day – but it’s keeping me amused and that’s helping me not go into complete shutdown mode. That’s a good thing. I hope you have something that serves the same function for you.

Special thanks to non-talking dog, Ozzy, for graciously agreeing to pose as model for the above image.

It’s a cover-up, I tell you!

Back in August, I published a short story. I put a lot of time, money, and effort into it. In addition to writing it, I got feedback from multiple beta readers, I used both a copy-editor and a proofreader to ensure everything was up to standard, and I promoted and advertised the crap out of it.

But do you know where I skimped? On the cover design. I decided to cut costs by designing my own cover. Reader, I was wrong. What a terrible mistake that was.

The cover I created wasn’t awful – but it conveyed the wrong message. People were drawn to my story expecting romance. If you’ve read my work or you know me in real life, you know my little aro heart couldn’t write romance if my coffee supply depended on it.

I have learnt my lesson. Two months after Past Imperfect was first published, I re-released it with a new cover. One designed by a professional – specifically, Kat Mellon over at KM Design. What do you think?

If you’ve not already read it, you can get it now for free here.

Book review: Space Rogues

I recently read John Wilker’s novel, Space Rogues. This was my first experience with Wilker’s writing, but it won’t be my last.

Wil Calder was a NASA astronaut trialling a new FTL drive when something went very wrong. Now he’s a man with a van. Except not a van so much as a fancy spaceship. You got a job, he can do it – don’t much care what it is.

A light-hearted adventure, balancing heart and wit, taking on a universe governed by corruption.

This is a novel in the vein of Becky Chambers’ Wayfarer series with a healthy dash of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy thrown into the mix.

Siouca Remembers

Siouca is a member of the advanced Wanderer civilisation. What does Siouca want?

The quest to unlock the secrets of interstellar travel leads a Roranian crew on an epic journey across space. Saved by a dying machine-lect, stranded in a failing ship, faced with an ultimate choice. Were they too eager in their attempts to reach the stars?

The Stone in My Pocket – FREE ARC

Talking to ghosts in the village bookshop beats homework any day – a coming-of-age story set in Scotland, 1999.

Seventeen-year-old Nathan hears a voice crying in his garden in the middle of the night. From his bedroom doorway, a shadowed figure watches him then vanishes. Seeking answers, he joins a spiritual circle held in the attic of the village bookshop.

November Sci-Fi Giveaway

Free books! This promotion ends December 1st.

November from the Void

More science fiction books: discounted or free. The book I reviewed above, Space Rogues is available as part of this promo – as are many others.

Stay safe out there! There’s a literal pandemic underway and it’s already killed well over a million people. There’s also a pandemic of fascism going on. Do what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

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  1. Loving the blog!
    Also re: dog-covid-dreams, did you know the Museum of London are actively collecting the covid dreams of people who’ve been in That London during the bin-fire that has been #2020?

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