Past Imperfect, Friday becomes Seven, and Jesus says wear your mask

Past Imperfect​

I’ve got a new short story coming out in the next few weeks. My editor is finishing up with it over the weekend. If you’d like a free copy before it’s published, shoot me an email and I’ll get you one as soon as it’s ready.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

After overcoming a traumatic past, Katya’s worked hard to get where she is – on Mars. She and her fellow colonists escaped Earth just as a deadly pandemic took hold. And now her life is … not what she anticipated.

It’s difficult to put a finger on why it doesn’t quite meet her expectations. She has great friends, an exciting career, and an ex-girlfriend who – Katya’s sure – wants her back.

But is everything as it seems?

Past Imperfect is a short story set during Livid Skies, SI CLARKE’s forthcoming second novel. It’s written for science fiction readers who enjoy having their preconceptions challenged.

Ugh. After last weekend’s Hugo awards drama (if you missed it, count yourself lucky), I decided I had to rename a character in my second novel. She was previously named for a classic science fiction novel and the name only made sense if that was the case. It hurt, but I’m happy with the outcome. It was the right decision.

And that’s the story of how Friday became Seven.

I’m pleased with the switch. What do you think?

Invasive Species​

Last weekend I discovered a new-to-me writer, Valerie J Mikles. Her story,Invasive Species, is available free – and it’s a cracker of a story!

Talia’s a botanist in charge of terraforming the planet Mirabel. Everything works out beautifully – until one day it doesn’t.

Will she solve the mystery in time?

Books! For free or 99p / ¢99!

A group of authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available on a sale promotion for a limited time on Apple Books. If you’ve not yet read Devon’s Island, it’s one of the books on offer. Give it a try.

Jesus says wear your mask

Image of the author wearing a mask

I got a new portrait made this week. I’m really happy with it.

Buy Devon’s Island now. Or read the first two chapters for free.

Stay safe out there! Lockdown isn’t over because the danger has past; it’s over because people got bored of it.

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