Partially automated queer social liberalism

A few days ago, I sent my second novel off to my fabulous editor, Michelle. This is a follow-up to Devon’s Island, but I’ve designed it to stand on its own feet. The first novel followed the team as they planned their new life on Mars. This one – tentatively called Livid Skies – follows the team as they settle into their new lives.

A common trope in science fiction is fully automated luxury gay space communism. My characters hold that as an ideal – but their reality still suffers the same roadblock we do: resources are scarce. In fact, they’re even scarcer on Mars than they are on Earth. With that in mind, they set a more realistic goal for themselves: partially automated social liberalism – now with all flavours of the QUILTBAG.

I should have Michelle’s feedback later this month. Then come the dreaded re-writes… More beta readers and at least one sensitivity reader… Even more re-writes… The book goes for copy editing a few months from now. Assuming all goes as planned – or at least, that it doesn’t stray too far from plan – it should be ready to publish in early 2021. If there’s anyone left on Earth to read it, that is.

This week, book review site, The Lesbian Review, posted a stellar review of my first novel, Devon’s Island. I squeed with delight when I read it. Check it out here – and then look around their site for even more recommendations.

Fiction for a worthy cause

I want to take a moment to give a special shout out here. Consolation Songs is an anthology of optimistic speculative short fiction, featuring stories from Aliette de Bodard, Stephanie Burgis, Iona Datt Sharma, Jeannelle M. Ferreira, Rebecca Fraimow, Marissa Lingen, Freya Marske, Lizbeth Myles, Katie Rathfelder, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Llinos Cathryn Thomas. All proceeds will be donated to the COVID-19 appeal being run by the charity supporting the University College London Hospitals NHS Trust.

More info and buy links here.

Stellar sci-fi steals​

You’re sensible enough to not run out the moment lockdown ends. But you’ve surfed the entire bloody internet and watched every last thing on Netflix. What’s a person to do? How about some hot new science fiction reads?

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