Lividity, allegory, and supplication

I’m livid.

Actually, I’m not. Geekily awestruck is what I am. I’ve been working on the follow-up to Devon’s Island and I’ve learned two things recently that have piqued my interest.

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Everyone knows the sky on Mars is a dull salmony sort of colour, right? And it is – mostly. But it turns out that it isn’t always that colour. At sunrise and sunset – for just a few minutes – it’s blue. You can find out why here.
The second thing I learnt (in searching to find a word to describe the colour of dawn on Mars) was a word I thought I already knew. Livid. Turns out, it’s not just a mood; it’s also a colour.

Book review: Failure to Communicate

Author: Kaia Sønderby
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Parting thought…

On behalf of immunocompromised people everywhere, please read these words from a virologist. And please, please, please – for frak’s sake – wash your hands.

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